As per the popular saying, we all know that it takes much less muscle effort to smile than to frown. However, keeping those pearl white teeth at their best and shiniest condition is a task. No matter how you look and irrespective of your age, you are a great smile can win hearts.

Hence, dental health is important. It goes without saying that you must plan a periodic visit to your dentist to understand your oral health and proper care. Unfortunately, due to environmental and eating habits most of the people develop cavities. Bleeding gums and sensitivity of teeth can be an indication to cavity formation.

Moreover, over the time bacteria and plaque causes our teeth enamel to decay. When this decay is left untreated for a long period of time, it causes cavity. Upon visiting the dentist, the professional will be able to examine and treat the cavity with a type of cavity filling. There are different types of cavity filling which are used to repair the hole and repair a broken tooth.

Different types of fillings

Amalgam Fillings

These fillings are mainly made up of mercury, silver, copper, tin and at times aluminium alloys are also considered. These fillings are very durable and have been used since dentist started providing cavity fillings. These are best for both humid and dry climate.

However, the best will be the silver amalgam as silver is known to produce antibacterial ions which fights germs and reduces the chances of future cavities which might happen in the adjoining areas of the gum.

As per the recent medical reports, United States has seen the highest number of cavity fillings in the past three years. Needless to say, the demands have increased manifold. If you are looking for cavity filling services in the States, then Dental Fillings in Lake Jackson, TX will be the best option for you. It is advised that you should not go for mercury fillings as it is more susceptible to future health hazards caused by the metal. It may also interfere with the health of the teeth and cause tooth fracture.

Composite fillings

These are made up of inorganic fillers mostly silicon dioxide, organic resins and tooth photo initiators. These are mostly opted as these fillings match the colour of the teeth and can be polished to give a bright shine. It bonds well with the tooth and the gum.

This is perhaps the best one which can be used in very shallow tooth area where minimum thickness is required. Modern dentists used this filling as patients have reported that these unlike the metal ones do not increase sensitivity of the tooth. Also, it can absorb food stains for longer period of time. A proper oral care regimen is good enough to take care of the composite dental fillings.


The gum area of the cavity is first numbed so that you feel no pain. Then your dentist will put a small medical drill to your teeth to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. After the decay has been removed, the cavity is left open. Here the cavity fillings, popularly known as dental fillings comes into play. There are different types of cavity fillings which can be opted based on the situation.