Duodenal switch is a surgery that helps to reduce excess body weight. It is a combination of both weight loss and malabsorptive surgery. This procedure reduces your calories absorbed by the intestine by decreasing the intestine and also helps in the digestion process.

With this, you can consume limited food. Unlike other procedures, you can lose your weight without making any changes in your food habits.

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Duodenal switch surgery procedure

Generally, this procedure will be performed in hospital under the supervision of professional surgeon. It is a laparoscopic surgery that starts with various half an inch incision at the middle of the abdomen and different areas of stomach. Local or general anesthesia will be given to the patient before starting the procedure.

The procedure is categorized into 2 different steps. They include:

Step 1: Sleeve gastrectomy will be conducted by removing nearly 80% of stomach, and then the remaining will be conducted into slender tube.

Step 2: Small bowels (duodenum) connecting to stomach will be divided to create bypass. Usually, the food consumed travels from sleeve to the fist part of small intestine. Instead of this, the food is switched or re-routed to small intestine’s lower part.

After completing the procedure, your surgeon checks the leakage, removes the instruments, and closes the incisions by using absorbable sterile tape or sutures.

After the surgery

As a result, your stomach can hold just 5 to 6 ounces food and absorbs only small amount of minerals, calories, and vitamins, whereas other weight loss procedures can be able to hold up to full ounce.

Duodenal switch process gives effective results than other weight loss procedures. You can reduce your weight rapidly, especially for 6 months after the procedure.


Even though, you won’t experience any dumping syndrome, but you have to take required amount of vitamins throughout the life after surgery. You may experience nutritional complications after surgery such as deficiency in vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, protein, etc.

So, you have to take diet that provides enough nutritional values required for your body to stay healthy. After completing the surgery you have to stay in hospital for 1 to 3 days depending on your condition. Also, you have to continue regular follow-ups with your doctor for overall well-being.

With this procedure, you will not only be able to lose your weight significantly, but you can also maintain it for life time as well.

Gather information about surgeons who have good experience in performing duodenal switch procedures and choose the best one. Schedule your appointment today with your doctor to discuss regarding the duodenal switch for a healthy and quick weight loss.