With passage of time, the formulation technology of skin care has evolved greatly. With this, the differences between medicine and aesthetics are fading. Certified, knowledgeable and experienced aestheticians working in – medical facilities and spas are delivering best skin care treatments. However, this doesn’t mean medical aesthetic experience and spa aesthetic experience are totally the same.

If you have just entered the skin care industry or are about to, it is pretty important to understand the similarities and differences between the two. As a matter of fact, there are several aspects where medical and spa aesthetics experiences are exactly similar as well as different. Here, we have discussed the three vital aspects…

License and Certification

Both license and certifications are equally important. Every state has different regulations concerning the license of a medical and spa aesthetician. In simple words, in order to work at both the facilities – medical or spa, an aesthetician needs to acquire different types of license and certifications.

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Mindset and expectations of patients and clients

The mindset and expectations of individuals coming at both the locations are very important. When a person is entering a medical facility, he/she is expecting to get a treatment for a skin condition. Different conditions that individuals expect to get a treatment for are acne, pimples, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, etc. They basically come with an intention to find an answer for their condition.

On the other hand, when an individual comes to a spa, he/she is expecting to get pampered. The motive is to seek relaxation as well as get visible results from the spa skin treatments. Some of the treatments an individual is expecting from a spa aesthetician are facial, massages, hair treatments, etc.

Events organized at medical facilities and spa

In skin care businesses, there are several events organized around the year. A medical facility will organize events to highlight a particular skin condition and the treatment available for it. Usually, the events of medical facilities are sponsored by drug companies, which are looking forward to market their product and thereby bring awareness among the patients.

Events at a spa may include enlightening the crowd about new cosmetic products and their application methods. Visitors can even expect to get free passes for services like facials and massages. You can expect very strong social media presence at these events.

Nowadays, aestheticians are more in demand than ever. Aestheticians can choose to work in a set up they are comfortable with – medical or spa. In medical facilities, they will be providing treatments like microdermabrasion, and learn about in-depth knowledge of medical aesthetics. While, aestheticians in spas will provide facials, waxing, body massages, etc. types of treatments. In spas, one can even learn more about cosmetics and their applications and work hard towards becoming a makeup artist.

All in all, aestheticians working in both the fields are equally important, no matter how different both the work environment may seem.