If you or someone you know is or has been experiencing the many things that go with menopause, or perimenopause – the hot flashes, night sweats, bloating, moodiness, and just plain feeling rotten – there is a way for them to feel better. And it’s not from some kind of pharmaceutically-manufactured hormone replacement pills; it’s through something called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This kind of treatment is increasingly becoming more popular across the country, and many women – men, too – are singing its praises.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones developed by some doctors specifically for individual patients to replace the hormones that used to be produced naturally by their bodies either before the onset of menopause or perimenopause, or a hysterectomy. Of course, estrogen can be prescribed to deal with the symptoms being experienced, but with it comes increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, etc. Those risks are heightened if the woman is a smoker. So bioidentical hormones are preferred by many patients and practitioners alike.

If you’re searching for someone to do each bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Austin, you can search the Internet for practitioners who offer this kind of therapy, and they can discuss the specifics of how well it could work for you. But, in a nutshell, because the molecular structure of the bio-identical hormones is exactly the same as the hormones each patient’s body produces, their body cannot tell the difference between the real thing and bioidentical hormones. As a result, the women’s bodies use them in precisely the same way as if they were natural hormones.

These hormones are administered to patients in a variety of different ways, some of which include creams, oral pills, topical gels, vaginal rings and tablets, even transdermal patches. The manner and degree of results can vary from woman to woman.

As you search for a practitioner who offers this kind of hormone therapy, you should search for someone who has years of experience and a good reputation. Ask if they can provide you the names and contact information of patients they’ve treated, then ask those women why they chose this route, what their experience with this doctor was like and what kind of results they’ve had.

The Results of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Again, each woman may experience something different, but in general, here are some of the results women have reported:

  • An age reversal in one’s appearance
  • Improved mood and disposition
  • Reduction or elimination of hot flashes/night sweats
  • Greater energy
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Greater metabolism
  • An increased sex drive

Surprisingly enough, bioidentical hormone therapy has been reported to provide some benefits to men, as well, including greater exercise ability, improved muscles, greater energy, a better mood and an enhanced libido.

If you’re contemplating talking to doctors who offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Austin, you owe it to yourself to talk to more than one to see if it’s really for you and to see which doctor you better connect with.