NeuroQuant is an FDI Approved tool used by clinicians to work and diagnose patients who present memory and cognition symptoms. For physicians, clinicians, and caregivers to develop meaningful treatment and come up with an effective management plan for neurodegenerative dementia, they must be able to detect the condition at an early stage.

This knowledge will enable clinicians to come up with ways of providing indicators for precise diseases. A NeuroQuant is therefore very essential in detecting the neurodegenerative condition at an earlier stage. The NueroQuant generally process volumetric MRI.

The NeuroQuant machines elevate the ability to make a quick diagnosis of degenerative brain disorders. This tool is the first one to be cleared and licensed in Korea, Australia, and Canada for providing quantitative medical analysis.  The device is highly beneficial due to its ability to integrate with any available PACS system easily.

After comparing volumetric measurements of brain structures, the NeuroQuant brain mri specialist then compares their volume to the adjusted normative database for sex, and intracranial volume. The NeuroQuant has replaced slow manual processes with top of the line technology that speeds up analysis this allows doctors more time to focus on other patients.  The invention of the NeuroQuant has so far been so beneficial to doctors and other people interest across the globe due to its efficiency. Here we look at some of the benefits of the NeuroQuant machine.

  • Quantified information

The NeuroQuant tool augments your preferred clinical impression and the coded brain structures images objectively. The information has allowed you to work with more accurate data compared to the other devices.

  • Time-saving

The NeuroQuant machine automatically segments images from radiographic images.  Segmenting these images helps you to access these images for use at any particular time whenever you may need them.

  • Tracks Progression over time

In cases where the patient’s ID already exists in the system, the machine will pull the patient’s prior data and use it to perform the continuing point multi-time evaluation to assess the timely patient’s brain structure volume and indicate everything on the same report.

  • Diagnose and earlier planning

The NeuroQuant tool asses and identifies Neurodegeneration at its preliminary stage to give its patients much time to make treatment plans and make appropriate lifestyle changes to suit this condition.

  • Normative Reference Data

The NeuroQuant tool uses age and gender to compare brain volume results with many other people of sound health in the Neuroquant database.

  • Longitudinal analysis

The Neuro Quant tool performs continuous multipoint elevations to assess the changes to the volume of the brain structure and records that information on the same structure.

  • Changes visualization output

The visualization change output provides a precise comparison of two scans and later highlights the volumetric differences between time points to make it easy to interpret the overlay in a heat map.

Various people use NeuroQuant equipment today due to its efficiency. These people include Neurologists and researchers.  Neurologists prefer the use of the NeuroQuant because it dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to asses Neurodegeneration of structures of the brain.  Radiologists too and even hospitals use the tool.


NeuroQuant is an essential tool in the modern day world of medicine. The tool helps reduce the danger of Neurodegeneration by detecting it at an earlier stage; this helps you to seek medical treatment on time to counter its effects.