Weight-loss surgery aids in loss of body weight and even reduces the risk of medical issues linked with obesity. There are different ways by which bariatric surgery occurs in a person. This post will be helpful and informative to all those readers who are planning to undergo weight reduction surgery.

How Bariatric surgery works?

Bariatric surgery is a form of weight loss surgery. The principle of this surgical treatment is very simple. It reduces the size of the stomach so that a person can eat only limited amount of food. This helps in eating less calories during the day. With no extra calories getting saved in the stomach, a person gradually reduces unwanted body weight.

Types of Bariatric surgery

Having understood the principle and working mechanism of Bariatric surgery, then you need to learn about the different types in which this surgery is performed. BMI of Texas is the leading clinics in San Antonio that offer bariatric surgery. It is highly comprehensive metabolism and weight management center through the Texas region.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

In this type of surgery, the surgeon makes a small pouch near the top region of the stomach. This is the region where the stomach receives food. By creating a pouch, it restricts the amount of food that one can consume at a time. By consuming limited amount of food, a person takes in less calories which then helps in reducing the weight of a person.

Laparoscopic gastric banding

In this type of weight reduction surgical procedure, a laparoscopic adaptable gastric band that comprises of a blown-out balloon is placed near the top portion of the stomach. It is fixed at that place. This forms a small sized pouch that lies above the adjustable band. It has got a narrow that opens to the remaining area of the stomach.

Below the abdomen area, doctor places a port. By inserting or removing liquid via the port, it can inflate or deflate the band so as to adjust the band size. Gastric band helps in restricting the level of food that the stomach can grab at one time.

This way, you feel fuller with little quantities of food. This procedure also limits absorption of calories in the body that in turn makes a person to shed excess weight from the body.

Sleeve gastrectomy

This is another commonly used and known treatment for weight reduction in a person. In this type of procedure, a portion of stomach gets removed from the entire body. The structure of remaining stomach us changed to a tube form structure. The smaller size of stomach does not have the ability to hold food. So, it produces less amount of appetite-regulating hormone “ghrelin”, which reduces the desire to eat. Sleeve gastrectomy doesn’t impact the rate of calories absorption in the intestine.


So, these are the popular types of bariatric surgery that you can get it performed in any reputed weight loss center. Based on your existing condition, your doctor can advise you any one of this surgery for your treatment.