About four and a half decades ago, Harlem Day event was started to pay tribute to the neighborhood, but in a few years’, the celebration was stretched to a week. Its organizers named it Harlem Week and the community was merged with the other cultural community with great potential – the Memphis.

The Harlem leaders always make sure that the local people don’t lose their culture, especially people of color. They must also remember why Harlem is so important. Doing positive things offers other urban regions an idea of what Harlem community can do.

What combo events will be included in the Memphis-Harlem Week?

Harlem week 2019, this year will feature variety of events and activities including film screening, concerts, 5K run, sporting events, concerts, amateur nights, senior & kids targeted events and restaurant week. There will be the first ‘Harlem Jazz and Music Festival, which will soon get added as an annual event that will include jazz brunches, concerts, performances and other events. Festival will even pay respects to popular artists like Nina Simone, Duke Ellington, Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin.

This year’s flavor is celebrating multiyear partnership between Harlem organizers and Memphis City. Memphis is planning to celebrate its bicentennial year, which influenced the theme called ‘A New Century of Soul’. This merger plans to accolade the cultural music and food influence on people all around the world. The event will reveal both communities’ music and cuisines.

Sylvia’s restaurant, Lucille’s, Melba’s, and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que are the Harlem restaurants, which will take part in ‘Taste of Memphis’ event. From Memphis, Black Restaurant, sage restaurant and first female distiller Alex castle will participate to highlight inspired traditional dishes. Harlem Day will be a musical event, where Memphis performers the PRVLG, Kina Del Mar, and dance phenomenon Jookers will entertain the crowd.

Music and food scene

Memphis is synonymous to music. Without any second thoughts, music created here has caused a revolution in the world. It is a city of believers, dreamers, and doers. Today, a new generation is making it move towards create another change, so the Harlem Week has theme saying, ‘A new century of soul’. Until now it was the legendary music performers like BB King, Otis Redding and Elvis, which are inspiring modern music from Bruno mars to Justin Timberlake.

Memphis even hosts the Barbeque cooking world championship. It is believed to have the best BBQ in the world. There is the popular chef James Beard as well as fusion food trucks that bring flavor to the city. You can even attend other food & drinks related contests like the Memphis food and wine festival, Rajun Cajun crawfish festival, Memphis burger fest, and more. Memphis food is mouth-watering and the locals celebrate every opportunity along with dance and music.


Memphians never get bored as there is not a single dull moment. There is the Shelby Farm Park for outdoor lovers, where you can enjoy walking, jogging, cycling, and horse riding. How can you forget the Tigers, Memphis Grizzlies and the Red Birds?

Memphis is the home for pioneer of color photography William Eggleston and is also the headquarters for AutoZone and FedEx. Now, New Yorkers can meet Memphis souls at the Harlem Week, so don’t forget to book your tickets!