It doesn’t get much better than locally grown apples. This delicious snack and ingredient is plentiful, with many Georgia apples for sale throughout the season. Perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to apples is keeping them fresh for longer than just a few days. There’s nothing worse than when apples go bad before you get a chance to enjoy them. Luckily, there are a few easy hacks for keeping your Georgia apples fresher for longer.

Be Delicate

Every step of the way, be delicate with your apples. When you go Georgia apple picking, make sure to lightly grab the apples from the trees, and carefully place them in your bag or basket. If you are rough with your apples, they will easily bruise, brown, and start to go bad. When the skin of the apple remains undamaged, it can protect the actual fruit much longer. When picking apples, make sure to stay away from apples that are already bruised or dented.

Cool Environment

When you bring your apples home, don’t leave them out on the countertop. While fruit bowls on kitchen tables are a popular way to store apples, they aren’t the best. In fact, apples do best in cooler temperatures. Unless the air conditioning is always pushing cold air on your apples, they are best off in the fridge. The cool environment is great for the skin of the apple, allowing it to better protect the inside of the fruit. Stick your apples in the refrigerator drawer specially made for storing fruits, or in a bowl on any shelf.

Add Dampness

In addition to keeping your apples in the fridge, add some dampness to their cool environment. Cover your fresh apples with a damp paper towel if they are being stored in a bowl. If you are keeping them in their own drawer, simply place a damp paper towel in the drawer along with them. The water from the damp paper towel keeps the air surrounding the apples moist. This prevents the apples from drying out and becoming brown. A damp paper towel can significantly impact the quality of the apples you’re keeping in the fridge.

Do you struggle to eat or utilize all of your Georgia apples before they go bad? Enjoy Georgia apples for sale when you buy them and keep them in good shape for days or even weeks. Using these three quick hacks can prevent brown or bruised apples and instead help keep apples firm, moist, and ready to eat or use in one or more delicious recipes.