You must have often heard about crowns either from your friends or colleagues. Often you must have also heard your dentist talking about it. Some of you must have seen people wearing gold crowns.

Do you know what the purpose of wearing such dental crowns is?

Dental crown is actually a kind of “cap” that will sit over the surface of any prepped tooth and will serve to restore the structure of your tooth. At the same time, Gorokan dentist may suggest it for aesthetic purpose.

Following are 2 primary reasons, why you may need crown for your teeth.

Cosmetic reasons

  • For restoring the aesthetics of your crooked teeth

It is possible to cover any of your teeth like a severely discoloured tooth by using a porcelain crown.

  • For covering your stained teeth

Your tooth stains which cannot be removed even after professional whitening need to be masked by using crowns.

Functional reasons

  • For weakened teeth

If any of your teeth is either damaged or weakened then you may need a crown for protecting your tooth. As an example, if any of your tooth gets cracked, then a crown is used for holding parts of the tooth together.

  • For heavily filled teeth

In case, any one of the teeth gets a large filling, or it has been filled a number of times on various sides, then its structure may get weakened and will need strengthening with a crown.

  • For single tooth restoration

Those of you who want to get a dental implant for replacing any single missing tooth, may need crown placed over your implant.

  • After root canal treatment

After the root canal treatment, your teeth are likely to become brittle and weak and hence, dental crowns need to be put over them for restoring their strength.

Temporary crowns and permanent crowns

  • Temporary crowns

These temporary crowns will function like normal crown but they will not last longer or remain in place. Usually, a temporary crown will be put on your tooth when a permanent crown which is under preparation in a lab.

Usually, steel, aluminium, or composite crowns can be applied as a temporary crown. Temporary crowns can be prefabricated or can also be made in dentist’s office itself.

  • Permanent crowns

Permanent crowns are meant for staying in place normally for many years. Such crowns are made in the lab or any specialized facility. With the help of the latest dental equipment, making of such crowns are possible in any dental office itself.

How much will crown cost?

Cost of your getting crown may always vary widely based upon the materials used as well as the dentist’s expertise.

Your insurance may cover part of your expense, but the exact amount will vary with your plan. You can expect to spend anywhere between $600 to $2,000 for crown or veneer.

Thus, you can see that dental crowns are able to serve as really an excellent option in order to restore the shape of your crooked, stained or misshaped teeth.

In case, you are facing any of the above problems, then you can visit your dentist and discuss with him about the kind of crowns that will best suit you.