If you want to take care of your skin, you will have to follow a morning routine. The first step to a successful skin care routine is the order of applying the products. At first, 7 steps might seem like a lot to you. However, all these steps do not take more than 20 minutes. The Better Skin Co’s products are here for you to help you with every step of the routine, from the multi purpose cream to the Better Skin Epik Serum Power Trio Complex. Let’s take a look at our favorite morning skin care routine.

#01 Begin with a Cleansing Oil

The first step is cleansing your skin from the remains of the products you used the previous night, makeup that remained on your skin, or dirt. A cleansing oil is great for this job, as it prepares the skin from the following steps.

#02 Wash your Face with a Gentle Cleanser

A gentle skin cleanser is the next step. The cleanser should be water-based, as you don’t need to add any more oil to your skin. Use it with warm water and wash your face thoroughly. After finishing the cleansing, dry your face with a towel using gentle moves. We recommend Better Skin Gel Kleanse for this step.

#03 Follow up with a Toner

After the cleansing, you should follow up with a toner. The toner will lock the moisture in your skin and will keep it smooth and radiant all day long. We recommend our Epik C Boost, in order to feel soothed and refreshed.

#04 Essential Part of the Routine is the Serum

The following is the secret to a glowing and radiant skin. The Better Skin Epik Serum Power Trio Complex is the serum that will benefit you the most. With vitamin C and the boost of two French plant-based actives, your skin will appear tighter. At the same time, the fruit extracts it contains will keep the pollutants away.

#05 Apply your Moisturizer

When this step is over, you can move on to the next one and apply your moisturizer. The Better Skin Mirakle Cream is the ideal cream to keep your face hydrated all day long.

#06 Don’t forget your Eye Cream

In your morning skin care routine you should never forget to apply an eye cream. The eyes is a region in the face that is more prone to appear tired. It is also the first place that lines and wrinkles appear. For this reason, this is an essential step.

#07 Top it up with Sunscreen

Last but not least, is the application of a sun screen. Remember that you must apply sunscreen even in winter. Choose 30 SPF for the summer and 15 SPF for the winter. This will keep the damaging effects of the sun away.

After this step, you can apply your primer and makeup. This morning skin care routine will make your skin feel refreshed and healthy. Don’t forget to look on our website for the products, like Epik C Boost and Better Skin Epik Serum Power Trio Complex.

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