Having missing teeth can be a problem as it might make you conscious and you will be unable to smile or laugh openly. There are many ways in which you can replace your missing teeth. Your orthodontist can always recommend what is the best option for you i.e dentures, bridge or an implant.

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In case your dentist recommends the dentures please know that there are many kinds of dentures available in the market which serve different needs. So it is very important to learn about all these different dentures, understanding the benefits and cons of each helps to find the right fit for you.

Different kinds Dentures 

There are many types of Dentures available in the markets. The main types of dentures are mentioned below:

  • Full dentures
  • Partial Denture
  • Temporary Dentures
  • Fixed Bridges
  • Implants- supported fixed dentures
  • Snap-on dentures
  • Implants
  • Cantilever bridges

Full And Partial Dentures

Full dentures are also called traditional dentures. They are used to replace all the teeth of the patient. They are placed on top of the gums as opposed to the dental bridges and are anchored to the existing teeth. These dentures are usually placed on the teeth for 8 to 12 weeks after all your teeth are removed.

Partial dentures are used for the patients who still have some natural teeth left in their mouth. It has a pink colored base, which is attached to the metal piece. Two metal ends hold the denture in the mouth. A partial denture is very convenient, easily removable and they are made up of acrylic material.

Temporary Dentures And Fixed Bridges

Temporary dentures are also known as immediate dentures as they fitted just after the teeth are removed. They are an option that patients have while they are waiting for their permanent dentures to be made. While having these dentures you can easily perform all the daily life activities like eating without putting too much pressure on your natural teeth.

A fixed bridge is used for replacing the missing teeth by surgical cementing an artificial tooth known as the crown, which looks exactly like the natural teeth. As it is a surgical procedure through which it replaces the missing teeth it cost more than any other removable dentures however this needs to be strictly recommended.


Implants resemble the root of the teeth. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and with time they fuse. They are then loaded with prosthetic depending upon the success it can be done immediately or it can take up to 6 months.

Snap-On Dentures And Cantilever Bridges

Snap-on dentures are removable. They are removable crown which can easily snap on and off of the surgically put implants in the jawbone. They fasten quickly and are very secure. You can perform all the daily life activities without any problem. Cantilever dentures/bridges are mostly used when any molar is missing and there are no teeth on one side to support the bridge.

Choosing a denture can be complicated however always choose the denture according to your need and what orthodontist is suggesting. Also, knowledge about all the dentures will help you be able to choose the right one for you!