Nothing seems peaceful than snuggling to your partner during bedtime. But snoring can disturb sleep and the constant vibrating noise keeps you awake at night. Snoring a symptom of sleep apnea which makes you stop breathing many times at night. Snoring without sleep apnea is even more dangerous as it can lead to strokes.

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What happens during snoring?

According to reports, about 50% of the people snore and it gets common when you get older. The sound of snoring occurs when there is a restriction for air to move through the nose or throat. While lying, the muscles in the upper airway relax creating airflow turbulence.

When breathing in and out, the surrounding tissues cause the vibration scaring the other person. With muscles relaxing too much, there might be a complete blockage in the airway preventing one from breathing. If one snores regularly, it can lead to serious complications.

Why is your partner snoring?

  • Structural factors

Snoring can have long term effects, which also include weight around the neck and also jaws, nose, and palate. There can be irregularities while sleeping with the soft palate or muscle located within the throat making it difficult to breathe.

  • Sleep apnea

Snoring is considered to be a major symptom of sleep apnea pausing serious threats to your partner’s health by leading to diseases like stroke, heart diseases, or diabetes.

What can be done about snoring?

Understanding the main reason behind snoring solves so many of the problems. It also leads to good sleep for both you and your partner. Some of the things that can be done are listed as under:

  • Sleeping position

If your partner has a habit of sleeping on their back, you can put a pillow for elevating their head or you can turn them sideways. These change their angles of sleeping and help airways to open reducing all vibrations in the throat.

  • Soft music

Playing some gentle music at the back also helps in solving the snoring problem. You can play instrumental or white noise for improving the quality of sleep.

  • Drinking water

Having a dry throat leads to a reduction of flexibility, on the passageways. Keep a glass of water near the bedside so that if you feel like choking, you can drink water. This will help in keeping your throat hydrated for the softening of airways and easy breathing.

  • Using soft earplugs

Wearing soft and non-invasive earplugs can also work wonders for you. This will block any sound from coming giving you a good night’s rest.


If you are snoring daily, take out time for consulting a doctor and lead the conversation with caution. If you are feeling any kind of displeasure while sleeping, it is advisable to talk to a health professional.