Back pains have resulted in many people falling sick during weekdays or have even made you miss out on an important family gathering. This can be traced back to various back pain testimonials and spine patient testimonials.

The pain could disappear for a while bringing temporary relief on some days. It could be so disappointing, especially if you do not know its cause and it has been a hindrance to your daily activities.

Back pain could be as a result of injury, wear and tear during aging, physical activity, or arthritis.

Whatever the cause, the following tips are recommendable when dealing with the pain.

Physical Therapy

Most back pain testimonials have attested to exercises being the foundation of their treatments. Physicians insist on staying active. However, ensure it’s not strenuous. The main aim of physical activity is to:

Test levels of pain tolerance

To strengthen the core

To retrain posture

Meditation and Stretching

This brings about mindfulness. Stretching relaxes sore muscles, and meditation takes your mind off the pain. Back pains can cause stress hence the importance of activities. Yoga, tai chi, and other relaxing strategies can be recommended by the psychologist to keep the mind off the pain.

Ice and Heat

During the first 20-72 hours of a lower back pain injury, you are advised to use ice on it to ease pain and reduce swelling. Switch up to heat to relax the tight muscles. The processes, however, shouldn’t last for more than 20 minutes to prevent skin damage.

Patients with chronic back pain can use heat if the problem is not from an acute injury.

Weight and Diet

Foods high in fats, redefined sugars, and processed foods could lead to being overweight, bringing you problems as you age. They cause straining and too much pressure on the lower back.

Most spine patient testimonials state that they have to seek from their doctors if their diet is a cause of their back pain and are then recommended a healthier diet that avoids too much fat and incorporates healthy sugars.

Posture Management

Posture management during sitting and during day to day activities to avoid a slouched posture as the spine should always stay erect.

In case you have one of those 8-5 jobs that require sitting all day, ensure that when sitting, your feet are planted to the floor, and the chair provides lower back support. Also, never hunch forward too close to the computer screen or to reach the mouse pad. It won’t make the pain any better.


Footwear is supposed to support the whole body posture to prevent strain on the lower back spine.

It’s unlikely for low heeled shoes/ high heeled shoes to bring about this pain but the prolonged wearing of the shoes.

Ensure that each activity is matched to the right footwear. For instance, sneakers are appropriate for running, while boots could be used for constructive work.


Hard work is great, but also it’s crucial to remain healthy all through. It’s important to listen to your body whenever you feel tired, identify such activities, and either reduce working on them or instead call them quits. This will reduce the pain and even protect you from the advancement of the back pain.

Where smoking is involved, patients are advised to quit since nicotine accentuates pain and delays healing.

The above pointers will assist you in reducing your back pains. Listen to and following your physician’s advice. If the problem persists, seek help.