Cerebral palsy is a health condition that affects both adults and children. Patients suffering from this issue will experience many symptoms such as spasticity, reflex excitability, coordination deficits, gait problems, and more. The best way of handling symptoms that are associated with cerebral palsy is with the help of whole-body vibration therapy.

Lifetime Vibe is a whole body vibration machine that has been introduced to help people suffering from cerebral palsy. Patients using these machines experience relief from their symptoms associated with many disorders, including cerebral palsy. The best way of using the machine is by sitting or standing on the vibrating platform for at least 10 minutes, 3 times a day. Light exercises may be performed on the machine, if possible. If no exercises are possible, just sitting or standing on the machine will provide benefits on its own.

Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

With the help of whole-body vibration therapy, it has become easier for patients to enjoy relief from many symptoms that are associated with cerebral palsy.

  • The effects of 10 minutes spent on the machine will last for at least 30 minutes, and up to two hours.
  • The effects of vibration therapy include an increase in bone mineral density, muscular mass enhancement, strengthening gross motor functions, and increasing blood circulation.
  • Vibration can mimick exercise and help increase the health of someone who does not get enough exercise in their current daily routine.

Therapy that focuses on whole-body vibrations will offer patients not only relief from their underlying symptoms of cerebral palsy, but will also make them more independent and able to carry on with their daily routines. For optimal rehabilitation, vibration therapies are the best choice.


The patients stand on the vibrating platform for 3 to 10 minutes in each session. They follow a simple exercise routine which does not require much strength. The patients should use the machine at least 2 times a day for 4 weeks to experience the best results.

Researchers working on a study of cerebral palsy noted the motor function measures of their patients each time the patients used the whole-body vibration machine. The results showed that there is a gradual increase in the working mechanism of the motor skills of every patient after each session on the machine.

Children experience the best results after the vibration therapy, more so than adults. The studies have shown that the after-effects of the whole-body vibration therapy on children were present for the next two hours after using the machine for 10 minutes. For adults, the effects stayed for about 30 minutes after 10 minutes of using the machine.

The main percentage of patients in this vibration therapy study were children, as cerebral palsy affects the motor skills of children more than that of adults. The common effects of cerebral palsy led to poor balance, poor motor control, muscular weakness, spasticity, and so on. The best way to treat these patients and help build their muscle coordination and strength is to use whole-body vibration machines.

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