We spend more time looking at our shoes than at our bras. That little bit of fabric gives shape and lift to every top, jacket, and dress we own. Only some people are positive they are wearing the proper bra, however. The norm has always been to visit a store and get fitted in person by an expert. Bra shop is commonplace for buying bras. Here are ways to break free from your rut.

  1. Your Mirror Will Be Your Best Bra Fitter

It is difficult, but it is worth taking a close look at your own bras before making a purchase online. It’s not the right bra if your breasts are swollen or getting flattened; the bra cups have a tendency to get squished and to gape; the band or straps are constantly hooked or hiked to the limit; the bra accents back fat, feels stiff or scratchy; or if it causes neck or shoulder pain. While you may have plenty of expensive bras in the drawer, if they don’t fit your body or breasts, it’s time that you donate them.

  1. DIY Measurements Are Easy

Store fittings seem to know secrets about bras that we don’t. If you don’t have tape, a sewing tool or a ruler will help you find your size. Put on your regular bra and verify the tape placement in the mirror. The tape should be wrapped under your bust to measure the band size. It should be level, taut, and tight. Wrap the tape around all of your bust. Round to find the closest whole number.

  1. Online Quizzes Can Help You Solve Your Problems

Do not solely rely upon bra measurements. A great companion to measurements is digital bra Q&As. They analyze everything, from breast shape and spacing, to what’s wrong or missing in your old bras. They can diagnose your bra issues and provide better solutions.

  1. Know Your “Sister’s-Size” Bras

Finding the right size bra can be challenging. Although your measurements are a great way to help you choose the right size bra for you, it can be challenging. Sometimes the bras you’re looking at won’t work in your size. The cups may be OK, but the band is too tight. This is where the “sister sizes,” or equivalent, can come in. You will be able to fit better if they jiggle numbers and numerals. The general rule is that if you cannot fit in a cup, reduce its size.

  1. Listen to What You Enjoy and Avoid What You Don’t

Women 50+ have years of bra-wearing experiences, good and bad. Each person is unique and may not look for the same thing. Keep in mind your individual preferences. Perhaps you prefer a bra with a lower cup, such as a Gemini or balcony bra. You may prefer a closed front. Do you prefer lined or unlined cups? Pre-molded bras and seamed bras for added shape or lift. An underwire or wireless bra? A bit more or less smooth? Do you prefer shoulder straps or a racerback? Do you want thick, thin, or cushioned shoulders? It might be a neutral hue or something trendier, such as blush pink or plum. Look for a bra with both information and indulgence.