Hair extensions are becoming more common amongst a wide range of women. The quality of hair extensions has increased over the years and are more affordable. While most women use 100 virgin remy human hair extensions for cosmetic reasons, there are many reasons why women are choosing to apply hair extensions to their natural hair. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should wear hair extensions.

Adds Length and Volume

Hair growth is a natural process that takes time, even if you are using store-bought or homemade methods to quicken growth and fullness, that takes time. Using extensions can give you the desired length and dimension that you are trying to achieve in less time. You can add volume and length to your hair in a matter of minutes when clipping in extensions.

Natural Look

Hair extensions can be matched to your hair color, making them blend in to your natural hair. Human hair extensions can be found in long or short lengths, and if you bring them to a hair professional, they can cut them in order to blend them into your hair.

Bad Hair Day

If you got a hair cut that you do not like, or doesn’t suit you, you can cover it with hair extensions. Even if you are having a bad hard day, the extensions will help.

Easy Application

If you wake up with a crazy hair day and only have a short amount of time to get ready, hair extensions are super easy to apply. You can style them quickly and look like a star!


If you are wanting to experiment with different colors on your hair, but don’t want to have the damaging side effects of bleach or color, you can use the extensions to play with color.

Look Younger

Getting older is inevitable and losing hair is a part of that process for most women. Hair extensions can make you look younger with thick healthy hair.


Hair extensions give you more hair to work with when you are styling your hair, making different hairstyles achievable. You can do up-dos, braids, curled, or straight; the possibilities are endless.

Perfect for Short Hair

If you have short fine hair, extensions can give you a completely different look. Extensions can add variety to your hair look by giving you fullness or length.


Wigs are a great option, but are often itchy or uncomfortable. With hair extensions, you can be comfortable, and you don’t have to be concerned about placement or them falling off.

No Damage

One of the best reasons to use 100 virgin remy human hair extensions is that they do not cause any damage to your natural hair.