When it comes to constructing a roof, there are several things that need to be considered. The most important ones are durability, appearance, and cost.  Slate roofing is becoming an appealing option among people. People love it because of its appearance and durability.

To make the right selection of roofing material, it is advised to ask a few important questions to an experienced roofing contractor about roofing. This will help you decide whether or not slate roofing would be the right option for you.

In what color and style can you get slate roofing?

There are various styles of slate roofing that you can find in the market. It can range from graduated and textural installations to mixed patterns and colors. Out of the available designs, two of the most popular styles are the random width and the standard pattern style.

Not just the slate differs in texture, but also in style. It can range between very uniform and smooth to rustic and rough. The color of slate can even be subdued to greys, blacks, and vibrant colors. Slate is also available purples, reds and greens to give a fancy look to your home.

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How long does the slate roofing stay?

Slate is basically a homogeneous metamorphic rock. It is made from shale-type sedimentary rock, volcanic ash, and clay using low-grade regional metamorphism. This material is very old and highly durable. It can last for several centuries without any maintenance.

How slate roofing proves to be beneficial over shingle roofing?

Due to its long-lasting nature, people call Slate as a ‘forever roofing’ material. It is an investment for life. Once you put money in it, you do not need to look for any other roofing material throughout the lifetime. On the other hand, a shingle-based roof needs to get replaced every 20 years.

Another important benefit of slate roofing is that it can enhance the resale value of the house due to its natural durability and beauty. Slate is also identified as a stylish roofing material. It improves the architectural style of the home.

Also, if you maintain it properly, you would not notice any reduction in its appearance that generally happens with other traditional roofs.

The third most important advantage of using a slate roofing over other traditional roofing materials is its ability to resist against possible dangers. Slate is a material that shows resistance towards fire and molds that can damage any ordinary roof. The low water absorption of slate makes it a lot resistant towards damage due to frost and rupture due to freezing.


Slate is a distinctive roofing material that has got amazing capabilities and value that most of the users are unaware of. All these questions would enhance your knowledge about slate roofing and give you an idea as to how it meets your expectations.