Covid 19 has taken the world by shock. Countries are finding it challenging to fight against the virus. The WHO has announced the outbreak as a pandemic. Global outbreak of any disease is characterized by the term ‘pandemic’. Covid-19 started off as an endemic in China and in a matter of months spread to over 200 countries.

Prevent the infection from spreading:

Public health officials in every country are urging public to follow precautions like using protective face masks, social distancing and shelter in place to control the spread of the disease. The disease spreads through respiratory droplets of an infected person which mandates the need for masks.

The use of masks is not limited only to infected people. If you are a part of a medical facility, in close contact with an infected person or you are residing in a place where the infection is rapidly spreading, it’s essential to wear health masks. Having a tough time purchasing masks in your nearby store? You could purchase them online in bulk from

Their masks are of high quality and offer optimal protection. Though masks don’t promise 100% guarantee against the infection, they are still fairly efficient. If you are residing in a country that has advised its citizens to shelter in place, you’ll have to prepare your place of residence accordingly to withstand this phase.

Surviving a pandemic:

There are ways to boost your pandemic survival chances. You’ll have to be aware of the basic preventive measures and things to store at home.

Medical essentials:

  • Soap/ sanitizer: Wash your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds every time you step inside your home. If you wear gloves when going out or staying home, you can skip the sanitizer.
  • Gloves: The infection spreads when you touch a surface which has respiratory droplets of an infected person. When you are disinfecting your home, it is better to wear gloves.
  • Disinfectant: If you have an elderly or ailing family member, it is essential to keep your home clean and follow all basic preventive measures since elders are more prone to the infection. Wear gloves when using disinfectants and remember to wash hands immediately after using disinfectants.
  • First aid kit: The kit should include gauze, bandages, antiseptic, adhesive tape and other requirements to tend to wounds.
  • Prescription medication: Have a stock of pain medication, cough drops and pills that alleviate flu symptoms. If you have a chronic condition and are required to take medication every day, have a backup of 3-month supply.

Other essentials:

Purchase foods beforehand as you’ll need to minimize stepping out of your homes. Stock protein-rich products like tuna, beans, peanut butter and canned fruits. Working from home could be overwhelming and you’ll need coffee/ tea/ cocoa to keep you sane. If you are having pets, purchase ample pet food, cat litter/ wee-wee pads.

It is possible to slow down the spread of infection only with the co-operation of every individual. If your country has announced ‘shelter from home’, stick to it by all means. Having all essential goodies stocked up makes it easier.