As technology develops there is a change in dry herb smoking methods, amongst which the popularity of vaping is increasing. Wondering, what is the difference between smoking and vaping dry herbs?

What is smoking?

Burning of dry marijuana or other plant material causes combustion and smoke is created. The herbs get broken down into ashes. There is release of tar, irritants, toxins, and different carcinogens. You ingest all these harmful compounds while smoking that significantly damages the respiratory system.

Side effects of smoking are –

  • Smokers coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Producing sputum
  • Trouble in exhaling
  • General airway inflammation.

Studies have even suggested that the smoke from marijuana is capable to increase the risk of cancer, but there is still more research needed, at this point. However, cannabis smoking can significantly damage the lungs.

The best option for smoking is using dry herb vaporizers. Even though a dry herb vaporizer needs a learning curve as well as cleaning efforts, it has many other beneficial aspects that have compelled smokers to choose to vape.

What is vaping?

Weed vaping can be done using many devices. However, a dry herb vaporizer is preferred more. In three steps you can enjoy vaping.

  • Marijuana gets heated with a temperature below the combustion point.
  • The active ingredients get converted into inhalable, smokeless vapor.
  • The vapor gets delivered directly inside your mouth for inhalation.

Dry herb vaporizer falls in two sizes – desktop vapes and portable vapes. The former is a stationary option and the latter offers a discreet way of vaping on the go. However, you will need to identify a suitable temperature to vape your weeds and enjoy different effects ranging from mellow to intense experience.

Benefits of vaping dry herbs over smoking it

Exposure to toxic compounds get decreased

Dry herb vapes contain very less carcinogens, tar, and toxic by-products than marijuana smoke. As you can control the vape device temperature and keep it below 200°C, the risk of inhaling toxic byproducts and benzene gets significantly reduced.

Make sure to buy a premium quality vaporizer from online dealers like It reduces the risk of investing in a low-quality device. Buy from a certified dealer!

Weed vaping is inexpensive than smoking

The initial cost of buying a vaporizer is high but heavy users can save significantly down the road.

  • The dry herb vapor is concentrated densely with 80% cannabinoids than marijuana smoke.
  • Vapor from the herb chamber goes directly in your mouth without any chance of dissipating in the air. Therefore, there is no wastage of cannabinoids. In smoking, cannabinoids dissipate in the air from tip joint.

Thus, you will need fewer dry herbs in a vaporizer to receive the same level of marijuana effects.

Enjoy clean taste

In vaping, there is no toxic byproduct, so the taste is pure and clean. You can easily taste subtle flavor differences between different strains. Vaping allows the users to control temperature setting and flavor.

No smoke stink

Smoke leaves a typical smell lingering in the clothes and house that everyone hates. The lingering smoke smell even ruins your furniture because tar in the smoke is sticky. Unlike smoke, vapor dissipates 10X faster and so no concern about stinks. Unlike secondhand smoke, you will also not be poisoning anyone near you with a second-hand vape.