Oftentimes, people think that staying stationary with no movement at all will help in curing the pain caused by some physical injury. Laying on the bed with a heating pad and a dose of painkillers might seem plausible. However, nothing can be more untrue. Physical exercises form a core role in physiotherapy, which is proven to be effective against the pain of all types.

Even though the very thought of doing moving the injured body part, keeping aside exercising, may send chills to your spine, it is medically proven that medically monitored physical movements cure pain. Physiotherapy is effective against all types of musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain.

You might be wondering where can you get your session of  physiotherapy Sunshine Coast. Here is the answer to your question. Genphysio is the solution to all of your pains. They have been curing patients since 2015. Their team of expert medical practitioners hold expertise in physiotherapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy, podiatry, hydrotherapy, and so on.

They also give mobile physiotherapy i.e. you reserve an appointment and they will come to your house to give you the therapy. This mode of procuring medical attention is very beneficial for those people who are in so much pain that they cannot travel or that they do not have anyone who can take them to the hospital.

Options of treatment in physiotherapy for pain reduction

There is a battery of options from which you can choose to get the pain relieved:

1- Massage

2- Movement therapy exercise

3- Manual therapy by the use of hands or specialised tools.

4- Microcurrent stimulation by emitting alpha waves in the brain increases the release of dopamine and serotonin and thus, alleviating the pain naturally.

5- Manipulation of joints and bones.

6- Cold laser therapy to reduce inflammation and pain.

Pain alleviation by physio

Just a thirty minutes exercise three to four days a week can help you in curing the pain. The key to relief in pain is consistency in exercise. Physical therapy not only tackles the physical inflammation, stiffness, soreness, etc. but it also allows the body to heal itself by goading the body to produce natural hormones which cause a reduction in pain.

This dual approach is what makes physical therapy the most effective against such pains. Movement is inversely related to pain. The key is to accommodate your exercise routine despite the pain being present. It is also important to understand that physical therapy is a part of a holistic healing process that includes other factors too.

Some of the other factors are nutrition, heat and cold treatment, TENS, etc. You must work not only with a physiotherapist but also with a doctor who can prescribe you the required medications. The other important crew members whose contribution can be fecund for the treatment are clinical psychologists, pharmacists, etc.


Physiotherapy is very effective against bodily pain, but the key to successful pain relief is consistency along with a proper medication plan.