Using sex toys to improve the sexual experience, whether alone or with a partner, is no longer frowned upon. Sex toys are now a part of the cultural environment, at least in the sexual sense. There is something for everyone on the adult toy market, from the charming and unobtrusive small vibrating yellow duck you may “play” within your bath to multi-function vibrators that appear like they were built by an astrophysicist.

Tempted to incorporate a sex toy into your relationship but unclear about how sex devices affect relationships? You are correct in having the Sex Toy Talk with your boyfriend before surprising him with the latest Rabbit from the metaphorical hat.

Bringing It Up Again

Your pals have convinced you of their incredible orgasms now that they’ve introduced BlissVixen Sex Toys into the bedroom. You’d want to go along for the ride, but you’re hesitant to bring it up with your spouse.

Remind him that couples that experiment with new methods of being intimate, such as trying out one or more sex toys, tend to do better in terms of sustaining passion and desire (along with relationship satisfaction) over time.

You’ll probably discover that your partner is completely on board with your wish to try out a sex toy. After all, a good spouse is involved in your enjoyment. If your boyfriend has watched porn, he is probably attracted to porn that shows women masturbating using a sex toy.

You may ask him if he’d like to see you do a “live concert” in the privacy of your bedroom. Proceed to the following stage after he says an enthusiastic “yes.”

Include Him In The Selection Of Sex Toys

Bring your spouse into the selection choice to make this a genuinely sensual encounter. If you feel more at ease purchasing online, look into some of the respected adult toy websites together. Take your time and make this a part of your pre-play (since shopping for sex toys usually culminates in a steamy session between the covers!).

Examine the various models—clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation—and discuss what you might like to try. Inquire if he has a preference for what he would want to use on you. Examine the functionality. Examine the feedback.

Maintain constant contact with him to gauge his level of comfort with this new notion. Remind him that you’re not searching for a substitute for him, but rather something exciting and seductive to keep things interesting and sensual in your private times.

Alternatively, You Two May Go To A Sex Shop Together

These are no longer shadowy, back-alley hideaways. Sex stores today are tidy, well-lit businesses with sex items exhibited like jewelry. You’ll have access to on-site professionals who can help you manage this first-time encounter and answer any questions you may have.

Ask them what kind of effect including a sex toy in your lovemaking may have on your relationship. Their response may make you feel more at ease.

Anyone who is open to and appreciative of their own and their partners’ sexual delight can benefit from using a sex toy to increase their relationship and sexual fulfillment.

When discussing sex toys, it is critical to maintaining an atmosphere of openness and non-judgment. If you see your spouse is averse to the concept of experimenting, discuss where this reluctance may be coming from. If he is concerned, you may prefer the vibrator to him; attempt to debunk that misconception. You can tell him that only 25% of women achieve orgasm with vaginal intercourse alone, but almost 100% will achieve orgasm if a sex toy is incorporated into your lovemaking activity.