It has long been assumed that if men have a large penis, it is healthy for their ego, will satisfy their partner, and will lead to a better sexual life. However, this is not the case; most women want their spouses to have flawless erection that lasts longer in bed. The important question is if you believe you have a little penis. Then come here to learn how to increase penis size using food, exercise, and sexologist-recommended therapies.

What Is The Definition Of Penis Size?

The penis is a male organ that is used to urinate or reproduce. To comprehend the penis as its whole, we break it into two major components,

  • The body or the shaft
  • Glans or Head

The penis body is connected to the abdomen and has a shaft that transports fluids such as sperm and urine to the head of the body. The plane is the head or tip of the penis that secretes fluid from the shaft. When we talk about penis size, we may mean the length of the shaft or the girth or circumference of the shaft.

When there is extra fat around the belly, concealing the penile shaft, the penis seems smaller; it can also appear longer when the glans can be augmented with fillers or surgery. After evaluating the penis girth, shaft, and glan, the surgeon or sexologist investigates the possibility of enlargement.

Ground Breaking Ways To Increase Penis Size

1)Penis Enlargement Food – Consume Vitamins And Minerals

Flavonols are high in Vitamin C and may be found in plant-based foods such as citrus fruits, strawberries, apples, blues, radishes, cherries, pears, blackberries, and blackcurrant. Flavonoids can also be found in teas, plants, and wines. These are the meals that can also help you grow your penis.

Getting arginine from high-protein foods can also aid in boosting penile size. They aid in normal blood circulation in the penis area. Raw eggs, pigs, almonds, tomatoes, oysters, bananas, oatmeal, and many other protein meals contain L-arginine.

Maca is the hidden food that stimulates the reproductive organ in humans. It is a cruciferous green vegetable related to broccoli and pear that is high in vitamin C, copper, and iron. People eat it by powdering it and mixing it with oats, tomatoes, and chili peppers.

2)Daily Physical Exercises

As previously said, extra weight around the belly or abdomen can make the penis appear smaller. Participating in sports and physical activities (PA) can help you create a healthy and active physique, which will increase your chances of having a better sexual encounter.

Some everyday workouts include:

  1. Running
  2. Planks
  3. Kickboxing
  4. Squats
  5. Lunges
  6. Hip Raise
  7. Leg Raise

The workout plan can help you reduce weight while also strengthening your pelvic bones. The greatest regimen for treating sexual difficulties is a combination of kegel exercises, pilates, pelvic floor exercises, and aerobic workouts.

3)Vacuum Pumping

A vacuum is established by putting a vacuum pump device over the penis and sucking away the air. The suction draws blood into the penis, causing it to expand. Vacuum devices are occasionally used to cure impotence in the short term.

Side effects: excessive vacuum pumping might cause injury to the delicate tissue of the penis. This might result in premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

4)Penile Extenders/Tension Devices

This gadget assists in stretching the penis for 4-6 hours every day. A little weight or expanding frame is put on a not-so-hard penis to induce a stretch in this therapy.

There is no scientific evidence that such procedures can aid in penile enhancement.


Liposuction is a treatment in which waste material is sucked out using scientific instruments. Extra fat on men’s tummies, fat below the abdomen, and fat around the pubic area are removed in this therapy to make their penis appear bigger. This treatment is successful and can result in a 2 cm increase in the near term. If the patient gains weight again, the fat will return to the pubic region.