The benefits of spa pools or swim spas for relaxation and health are excellent, but they can be expensive to maintain. A spa heat pump is an answer.

It’s an efficient, economical way to heat hot water without draining your bank account.

What Is A Spa Heater Pump?

A spa pool heat pump works similarly to a heat pump in your home. However, instead of heating/cooling the air in a space, it heats/cools the water in your spa.

Lusospas Heat pumps are compatible with all spas, including swim, plunge, and swimming pools.

These heaters warm water faster than traditional electric elements.

Also, while spa heating methods can only heat water, spa heat pumps can cool it down. This is perfect if your spa or pool spa needs to cool down during the summer heat.

How Does A Spa Heater Pump Work?

Spa heat pumps operate in the same way that reverse-cycle air conditioners. A spa heat pump takes heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to your spa’s heat exchanger.

A spa heat pump, which takes heat from your spa to cool it in the summer, can also reverse this cycle.

Heat pumps can use refrigeration technology to produce five times more heat than electricity. This is only a fraction compared to the energy required by electric heaters or gas stoves to produce the same heat.

Are Spa Heat Pumps Energy Efficient?

  • Heat pumps heat spas the most efficiently and economically.
  • They heat the spa water using refrigeration technology.
  • Heat pumps are 75 per cent more efficient than electricity and 55 per cent more efficient than gas.
  • An average spa lasts for 20 years. That’s thousands of dollars worth of savings over its lifetime.

Spa Heat Pumps Are Worth The Cost?

Spa heat pumps are worth it when used correctly.

The cost of a heat pump shouldn’t scare you. The heat pump’s cost savings can pay for itself in just three years if you have a midrange spa. It is an extremely worthwhile investment.

It all depends on your circumstances. It is worth considering a heavy-duty “insulation upgrade” that will reduce heating bills and have a lower upfront cost.

Is It Worth Getting A Heat Pump For A Spa Or Pool?

A hot tub for spa heating is an effective and economical way to heat your spa.

A spa heat pump is an excellent investment that can last many years and save you money in heating costs. But they are only suitable for some situations.

A Spa Heat Pump Is A Great Option For:

  • You’re looking to cut heating costs by buying a larger or small spa for five or more persons.
  • An existing spa or swimming pool is sufficient. You can change your heating to a heat pump easily. Your heating bill should drop significantly after the heat pump has been installed. The cost of installing a spa heating pump should drop significantly once it is installed.
  • You want the ability to cool your spa in winter.

If you answered yes to one of the above, consider buying an air source heat pump hot tub for your new hot tub.