New advances in medical technology allow qualified plastic surgeons to perform skin laser procedures, that will rejuvenate the targeted skin areas. It is amazing how the much better skin looks following laser treatments. There are some tips for skin care before and after a laser treatment. Your doctor will likely give aftercare instructions much like these ones.

Protect Skin From Sun

Skin can become damaged with just a short exposure time to direct sunlight. The UV rays are known to create many problem skin conditions, and these harmful rays can cause skin cancer. Those expecting to undergo a laser skin treatment need to avoid the sun for at least 2, and preferably more, months prior to the procedure date. Use a high-quality sunblock that protects against UV rays and a high number sunscreen/block for best results. The individual will still need to avoid exposure to the sun’s rays especially, during the hottest times from 10 a.m. to 2-4 p.m. UV ray exposure can cause laser treated skin to turn red, blister and have other unwanted effects. This exposure can have as much as 2 months before the laser treatment. Surgeons will want their patients to also continue sun avoidance and use of better quality sunscreen for months following the procedure. When patients have been exposed to UV rays, they might notice pigment changes and skin discoloration after undergoing a laser skin rejuvenation.

After Skin Care Instructions Following a Laser Treatment

Although today’s fine lasers are designed to target a smaller area, the skin can still become reddened and raw. Sometimes the treated skin will develop scabs and lesions as skin begins to heal. Ask your doctor about which type of skincare products that he/she recommends during this time. Generally, using products designed for extremely sensitive skin are usually good choices.

It is important to gently wash face with recommended a gentle cleanser, and it is best to use a good skin moisturizer that doesn’t irritate the skin. Keeping skin moisturized will speed the healing process. However, many patients are advised to take a week or so off work due to the unsightly skin appearance directly after laser treatment. Typically, patients can expect some swelling and perhaps some bruising in the days after treatment. It is also advised that patients wear hats with larger brims and good quality sunglasses to further protect the treated face from the sun and other elements.


Patients should always consult with the surgeon for professional assessment and detailed information. The patients should tell the surgeon of any medications taken. This includes over-the-counter products like aspirin and some herbal products that are known to reduce blood clotting. Ask before taking these medications. Ensure a healthy status, and convey health conditions to avoid potential problems. Cold compresses may help reduce after laser swelling. If prone to herpes(cold sores), ask about specific instructions. Your family doctor or surgeon may want to prescribe specific medications or treatments to avoid an outbreak during the healing process.

Most that undergo a laser skin rejuvenation procedure is ecstatic by the stunning results. After healing, the skin will look fresher, healthier and typically more youthful. Contact us here!!