Feet are an essential and often under-appreciated part of the body. Here are some common issues to watch out for so you can take good care of your health.

External Issues

The outside of your feet needs some attention to prevent conditions like Athlete’s Foot and Onychomycosis which are easily preventable fungal infections. One step is to keep your feet clean and dry, you should change socks every day and let your shoes air out. Keep your nails trimmed and exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Be very selective when getting a pedicure and only go to establishments that are well maintained and sanitary. For women it is a good idea to let the nails “rest” in between pedicures and go without nail polish.

Ingrown toenails are very common and can be prevented by cutting the nails correctly (straight across and a little bit longer than the tip of the toe). If you have an ingrown toenail you should see a doctor to get it treated before an infection occurs. Corns and calluses develop on the skin of the feet because of improper shoe size or improper shoe fit. See some tips for choosing the right shoes in the section below.

Internal Issues

Internal issues like cramps and soreness can develop when you over-stress the feet or wear improper fitting shoes. You should elevate the feet and give them a quick massage every day. A helpful tip is to go shoe shopping in the afternoon. This is when your feet have swollen a little and you can more accurately decide what size you need. If you plan to wear socks with the shoes you are buying, then wear socks to try them on, and do not buy shoes that you will have to “break in”.

You should have a thumb’s width between the tip of your big toe and the tip of the shoe. Avoid extreme styles like high heels, platforms, or clogs. For children you should buy shoes that fit their feet currently, buying bigger shoes that they will “grow into” will cause blisters and possibly joint problems.

Major Issues

If you are experiencing any severe symptoms like joint pain, continued and persistent muscle aches, limitation of mobility, and inability to put weight on your feet you should see a doctor or an orthopedic foot surgeon in Atlanta, GA.

By taking care of your feet daily, and working with an orthopedic foot surgeon in Atlanta, GA, when necessary you can prevent foot issues from turning into back, spine, hip, leg, and other joint issues since they all rely on the feet to work properly.