If you have taken an appointment with any girl in Paris, then it is important to remember few do’s and don’ts, so that you may not come across any kind of unpleasant situation.

Following are few Do’s:

Be punctual

Try to reach at your appointed place well on time, about couple of minutes earlier rather than be late. In case, you are getting late due to any reason then keep her informed.

Keep your payment ready

You should not count the cash before her, rather keep the payment in an envelope always ready and pay her immediately after the service, without making her to wait.

Offer tip

It will be always expected that you will offer her about 15 to 20 percent of her price as a tip. If you pay her lavish tip then she will always be ready to provide service in future.

Meet and greet

As soon as you meet her at the appointed place, you must greet her and give her due respect that any respectful woman deserves.

Answer her calls

In case she ever calls you then be prompt to answer all her calls and don’t keep her waiting for very long time. In case she sends any text message then too you must immediately respond.

Call her at right time

Avoid calling her at an odd time, when she must be either busy with some other client or taking rest.

Complement her

During the encounter, it will be nice if you complement her for her beauty and also appreciate her problems if any.

Make her comfortable

In order to get better service from her, it is essential that you too must be nice to her so that she also feels comfortable while she is in your company

Let her lead

In case, you do not feel relaxed then better let her lead the proceedings, as these escort girls are very proficient in dealing with all kinds of clients.

Following are few Don’ts:

Never ask for immediate appointment

Usually, it is very difficult to get their appointment as they are much in demand in Paris. So, you should never insist of getting immediate appointment.

Never be too late or too early

If you have set certain time for meeting then make sure that you are not too late. However, if the situation is beyond your control then keep her informed well in advance.

Never degrade her

Never try to insult or degrade her profession by equating her with any prostitute or a street girl for sex.

Never ask her personal details

Prefer not to ask her real name or about her personal life. She will feel offended if you show too much interest about her personal details.

Never try to bargain

Usually the price of every escort is displayed in the website and you must contact only if you are agreeable to pay that price. Bargaining of price will put you in bad light.

Never cross any boundaries

If she has set certain boundaries then don’t try to cross that or offer money to cross the boundary.

Never become rude or be angry

You must always be very polite and respectful and avoid being angry or rude to her.