Have you recently endured a severe work injury? Don’t worry; getting on a healthy path towards recovery has never been easier! You can get started today by following this brief guide on beginning your treatment plan and finding the best orthopedic surgeons in Joplin, Missouri.

Let Your Employer Know About Your Injury

Hopefully, by now, you should have alerted your employer about your injury. Since it happened at work, you’ll most likely be able to take advantage of worker’s compensation. This fund is set in place for instances such as this and will help you avoid paying medical bills out of pocket. Just keep in mind, there might be some paperwork to complete to ensure your injury is properly documented.

Meet with Your Primary Care Doctor

Following your work accident, you should let your primary care doctor know about your condition. Although the hospital you were treated at will be able to offer you a few referrals for orthopedic specialists, your doctor can give you more options. Your doctor will also be able to prescribe any necessary antibiotics or pain medication while you’re comparing orthopedic surgeons in Joplin.

Get a Referral for an Orthopedic Specialist

Once you’re ready to start looking for orthopedic specialists, you should consider the referrals from the hospital and your doctor. However, you can always get other options by searching for local professionals using Google, Yelp, and ZocDoc. Once you have at least two or three ideal choices, you should schedule consultations, so that you can determine who you want to work with through your treatment.

Start Your Treatment Plan for a Quick Recovery

The sooner you get started on your orthopedic treatment plan, the quicker you can recover. You should meet with your orthopedic specialist as soon as you can, this way, you can go over a few treatment plans and determine which is best for your needs (and budget). Also, ask your friends and family to support you through this process, post-surgery can feel rough, and it’s always helpful to have a few helping hands.

There are a few tips you should consider when beginning treatment for your work injury, such as letting your employer know about the incident and meeting with orthopedic surgeons in Joplin, Missouri. Hopefully, this short guide can offer you plenty of help for choosing a specialist to work with on your way towards recovery. Get started today by speaking to your employer and talking with your doctor for referral options.