Tooth loss is a crushing and demoralizing issue that majority of people struggle with. If you are also experiencing tooth loss, then there are several restorative processes. If you are wondering which one to choose for your oral needs, consult a dentist.

Healthy teeth allow showing that beautiful smile as well as maintaining your overall wellbeing. Absence of single or multiple teeth can make regular tasks like speaking and chewing hard. With the advancement in the dental landscape, you get to choose from several options like dental implants, fixed bridge, resin-retained bridge, removable partial denture, and removable complete denture.

The most preferable solution is dental implants. Let’s get to understand the implant denture advantages, so you can make a decision and enjoy with permanency.

Jawbone gets fortified

When you choose traditional dentures for missing tooth replacement, they rest along the gum line, whereas implant-supported dentures get attached to the implants surgically inserted within the jawbone. The significant difference is that implants offer more support. Besides enhancing your smile and appearance, they even preserve the jawbone.

The jaw needs consistent stimulation from teeth to stay strong. This stimulus is impossible, the moment teeth start falling. If you ignore missing teeth over time your jawbone starts to erode and degrade causing the jaw and cheeks to sink inwards. The job of the jawbone is to support teeth and if it is unable to do this, it will deteriorate naturally. Implant-supported dentures help to avert this damage and fortify your jawbone.

No concerns about shifting or slipping

Traditional dentures, specially positioned along with lower gum line shift, move, slip, and come loose. On the other hand, implant-supported dentures are firmly and permanently attached to titanium posts within the gum.

The titanium implants are anchors to the dentures. You can easily talk, laugh, smile, and chew without any concern about causing an awkward situation like dentures moving around making you sound gibberish.

Confidence booster

With a teeth restoration solution, you can regain your lost confidence. With the knowledge of having replaced your teeth with attractive and natural-looking implant-supported dentures, you start feeling cool. Besides, the dentures will never change their shape or slip, this reliability adds to your confidence.

Looks natural

Implant-supported dentures are perfect replacement of your natural teeth. Unlike old dentures that fitted improperly into your mouth, the new implant-supported dentures have been an ideal replacement. They look natural and you can smile wide without a second thought.

Chewing is made easy

Missing tooth or teeth makes chewing food a challenge. You cannot munch popcorn without any reluctance. Implant-supported dentures provide sturdiness and durability necessary to restore chewing ability.

You can start enjoying tough, chewy or crunchy food because your dentures are secured to implants. Unlike traditional dentures, food can be tasted again without having to remove the dentures.

Before implant-supported denture treatment, people struggle with hardship. Fortunately, with implant dentures, they can improve their life quality as suffering gets eliminated as well as the self-confidence and smile comes-back. Other cheap solutions need less preparation but nothing can weigh the pros of implant-supported dentures.